Having over 15 years of packaging experience and helping different companies, we mastered the skill of manufacturing various packaging. We encourage our team to think from the users’ perspective and we also encourage our customers to share their minds of how they like the commodities to be marketed and seen so the packaging design is best fit with the commodity.



Quality is the heart of Merit Ideas philosophy, we understand even a small defect on the packaging would affect the impression on the products and we anticipate the consequences. Therefore, we make sure the sample outcome is perfect before proceeding to mass production.



We understand some products are designed for privilege use and new business owners might often find the large investment to meet the MOQ difficult. Hence, we do NOT set any MOQs to accommodate the request.



We acknowledge time is money, therefore we keep the faith in meeting customers’ deadlines. To achieve this, we closely follow up with the customers’ inquiries while communicating closely with our technical team to keep up with the schedules throughout the project.



We believe the packaging design holds much of importance in captivating the attention of the customers through its innovative and expressive way of presentation in the market. Hence our packaging designs must always stand out in the product shelf along with the impactful varieties of package designs upholding the essence of the product as well as brand identity in whole.

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